What Happened to Continental OnePass Points When OnePass Merged With MileagePlus?

Continental Airlines OnePass miles automatically transferred into new United Airlines MileagePlus accounts when the airline merger was completed Dec. 31, 2011. Points did not expire due to the merger. Each Continental OnePass member was given a MileagePlus account with the same number as her OnePass account. Frequent flyers with both United and Continental accounts had their accounts merged into one United account. Participants whose accounts did not automatically merge can combine them through the MileagePlus website.

Continental OnePass credit cards were converted to MileagePlus cards at the merger. New points earned are earned as MileagePlus points. As of 2016, MileagePlus points expire 18 months from the date they’re earned. To keep points from expiring, participants must continue to earn points to keep the account active.

Ways to earn points include booking air travel on United Airlines flights, making purchases for goods through the airline’s website and making purchases using a MileagePlus credit card. Participants can pay for reinstatement and reactivation of miles that have expired within the last 18 months. Continental OnePass members whose accounts were converted can access their MileagePlus accounts using the same user name and password. Miles can be redeemed online by booking travel, making purchases through the United website or booking travel through the United reservations center.