What Goods Does Canada Export?

Lijuan Guo Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Canada is the exporter of many goods, the majority being energy products such as oil and natural gas, and metals and minerals. Almost 25 percent of Canada’s exports are energy products while metals and minerals comprise more than 15 percent of Canada exports.

Canada also exports a fair amount of motor vehicles and consumer goods. In this instance, motor vehicles also includes vehicular parts, and this makes up just less than 15 percent of Canada’s exports. Consumer goods would include pharmaceutical products, paper, clothing and food, and this totals roughly 11 percent of Canada’s exports.

Also included in Canada’s export list are basic and industrial chemicals, forestry products, farm and fishing products, industrial machinery and equipment, electronic and electrical equipment and aircraft and transportation equipment. Basic and industrial chemicals, which include plastic and rubber products makes up about 7 percent of Canada’s exports. Forestry products which include lumber and pulp comprise roughly less than 7 percent of exports. Farm and fishing products include 5 percent of exports from Canada with industrial machinery and electronic equipment and machinery being approximately 5 percent as well. Lastly, airport and transportation equipment are roughly 4 percent of Canada’s exports. Canada does export other goods, but they would fall less than 4 percent of exports.