Where Is France Located?

Son of Groucho/CC-BY 2.0

France is located in Western Europe, and it borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. Spain is the land to the south of France, and multiple countries including Germany are to the east.

Countries that border France to the east include Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. To the south, France borders Andorra and Spain. France also borders the small country called Monaco. The island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea is to the southeast, and it is technically part of France. The waters to the west of France are called the Bay of Biscay. The country of England lies to the north, and in between there is the English Channel. Austria and the Netherlands do not border France, but they are close by. France’s location near the Mediterranean Sea makes for mild winters and hot summers along the parts of the country that border the sea. The rest of the country tends to have cool winters and mild summers. A cool, dry wind called a mistral blows northerly through the country. France is generally flat, though there are some rolling hills in the northern and western areas of the country. Parts of the country are also mountainous, including the Alps in the east.