How Far Is It From the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States?

far-east-coast-west-coast-united-states Credit: Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Getty Images

The widest distance between the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States is approximately 2,800 miles. However, the distance between the two coasts varies depending on specific locations.

The border that separates the United States and Canada is 5,527 miles long, which includes a long stretch of Alaska and the United States and Mexico border, which is 2,013 miles long. From Hawaii to Maine, the distance totals 5,100 miles. West Quoddy Head, Maine, is the most eastern point, and Attu Island, Ala., is the most western point.

The longest north-south distance in the contiguous United States is 1,650 miles from Maine to Florida. Both the most northern and southern points are not in the contiguous states. The southernmost point is Hawaii Island, and the most northern point is Point Barrow, Ala. The distance between Point Barrow and the tip of Florida is 4,300 miles. There are a total of 12,383 miles of coastline in the United States, with more than half of that due to Alaska.

The highest point in the United States is Mount McKinley in Alaska at 20,320 feet. In the contiguous United States, that honor goes to Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada range at 14,494 feet. The lowest point is Death Valley, which is only 282 feet below sea level.