What Is Delta’s Baggage Policy?

Delta Airline’s baggage policy includes restrictions on the number and size of carry-on bags, the number and size of checked bags and policies for special items such as instruments, sports equipment, children’s items, imported merchandise and medical equipment. Delta also follows Transportation Security Administration regulations on liquid size and storage.

As of 2015, Delta allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item on the plane for free. The carry-on bag is subject to size restrictions; if it does not fit on the plane, Delta representatives can check it at the gate and fly it to the passenger’s final destination. Personal items include laptop computers, brief cases, purses, diaper bags and camera bags. Delta also allows certain small items that do not fit in either category to come on board for free; these may include personal coats and jackets or food and drink items purchased past the security checkpoint.

Passengers may check their checked luggage online within 24 hours of plane departure to expedite the check-in process. Delta representatives weigh bags to ensure compliance with weight regulations.

Special items such as musical instruments are subject to their own regulations. Delta allows certain musical instruments on board the aircraft, though one counts in place of the free carry-on bag.