Which Country Has the Country Code of 35?

Currently, 35 is not in use as a country code. However, several nations have three-digit country codes starting with 35, including Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Iceland.

Country calling codes are designed to connect calls to other countries. Each country is assigned a dialing code between 1 and 998. Some territories also have their own country codes, such as the British Virgin Islands and Greenland.

Currently, no country or territory uses 35 as a dialing code. Spain uses 34, and the code then skips to Hungary at 36. Phone users who see the number 35 on their call display may have received a call from a country with a three-digit country code. Several smaller European countries and territories have codes within the 350-range. These include:

  • Gibraltar (350)
  • Portugal (351)
  • Luxembourg (352)
  • Ireland (353)
  • Iceland (354)
  • Albania (355)
  • Malta (356)
  • Cyprus (357)
  • Finland (358)
  • Bulgaria (359)

Users should note all three digits to determine the call's country of origin.

To place a call to Europe from a North American number, callers should first dial the international access code, 011, followed by the country code, area code and the phone number. Some countries use area codes that start with 0. In these cases, international callers should drop the 0. To call a European number from a different European number, callers should first dial 00, followed by the country code and the phone number.