Which Countries Share a Border With France?

Streeter Lecka / Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

France shares a border with eight countries: Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain and Switzerland. French Guinea, an important part of the republic, borders Brazil and Suriname. France is 211,209 square miles in area and is the largest country in the European Union.

The total length of the French border is about 1,709 miles. Andorra shares 34 miles of border, Belgium shares 345 miles, Germany shares 260 miles, Italy shares 296 miles, Luxembourg shares 43 miles, Monaco shares 4 miles, Spain shares 401 miles and Switzerland shares 326 miles of border. French Guinea has a border of 748 miles and shares 403 miles with Brazil and 345 miles with Suriname.

France is home to many types of landscapes including coastal plains in the north and west as well as mountainous areas to the east, south, southeast and southwest. The Alps are located to the southeast and the Pyrenees in the southwest.