What Countries Are Considered East Asia?

Countries in East Asia include China, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan. The Russian Federation is also part of East Asia through Outer Manchuria and Siberia.

East Asia is a term that is used to describe geographical and cultural traits. For example, Northeast Asia generally refers to Japan or China. Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan encompasses the cultural aspect of East Asia.

There is debate over whether or not certain nations should be part of East Asia. For instance, Vietnam is part of Southeast Asia, but it shares cultural similarities to East Asia. Siberia is located in North Asia, but the Russian Federation shares ties with nations to the east. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China are considered part of East Asia in the world of business and economics. The diplomatic and economic references to East Asia often conflicts with historical accounts.

East Asia holds 22 percent of the world’s population, and the region is one of the most populated areas in the world. Mongolia has the lowest population density of any nation.

China has had a vast influence over the region throughout history. Many societies in East Asia relied on the Chinese calendar, and China dominated the region through trade and cultural exchange. Chinese influence in East Asia has been compared to Greco-Roman expansion in the West.