What Do the Colors of the Egyptian Flag Stand For?

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The colors of the Egyptian flag stand for the struggle of the nation against tyranny and the strength of the people of Egypt. It is comprised of red, white black and gold elements. The flag is flown over government buildings and in public squares.

The current flag of Egypt has three equal-sized stripes that go horizontally across its face. It was established in 1984 and features strong connotations of anti-oppression and standing distaste for colonialism.

The top stripe on the Egyptian flag is red. It symbolizes the blood shed by the Egyptian people in fighting against British rule. It also serves as tribute to the bloody past of slavery, struggling and strife that marks the landscape dating back to Biblical times.

The middle stripe is white. It represents the peace and freedom of the Egyptian people after fighting off the British monarchy in 1952. The clean white center also features a golden eagle crest. This symbol’s color denotes strength and power while the figure itself is the regal and virtuous eagle that sees all and soars above the masses.

The bottom stripe is black in remembrance of the lives lost in Egypt’s past of bitter conflicts. This is a tribute to the fight against oppression and a somber reminder of the tenets on which the country is based.