What Is the Closest Beach to Valdosta, Ga.?

The closest ocean beach to Valdosta, Ga., is along the panhandle of Florida, approximately 87 miles away, based on directions from Google Maps. Econfina State Park and St. Mark’s Wildlife Refuge are close by.

Another close ocean beach, and one that is more commercialized for visitors, is Fernandina Beach, Fla., just north of Jacksonville. This beach is 128 miles from Valdosta based on calculations from Google Maps. Several major beaches are within a day’s drive of Georgia due to its location near the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Several lakes are just east of Valdosta, including Banks Lake, Boggy Bay, Whitehead Bay, Lake Verne and Sand Hill Bay. These lakes are not the same as ocean beaches, due to a lack of large waves, but they are closer to Valdosta than the ocean.