How Do You Check Reservations at Sun Country Airlines?

Check reservations for a flight on Sun Country Airlines by visiting the Manage Travel section of its website, as of 2015. This page allows customers to view a current itinerary, manage future trips, check in for an upcoming flight or make changes to any future travel plans.

When booking a flight with Sun Country Airlines online through a travel agent or at any of the airline’s airport kiosks, customers receive a confirmation code for that flight. To access reservation information online, the customer needs to enter her last name and this code into the required fields on the Manage Travel page of the airline’s website. Alternately, she may enter her UFly Rewards number and password, if she is a member of the Sun Country Airlines frequent flier program. Providing either set of information grants access to the customer’s full list of past and future trips with the airline.

On the Trip List page, the customer is able to choose a specific reservation and view its full itinerary, which includes associated return flights on any round-trip purchases. The customer may check into a flight if it is within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time or make edits to the flight if it is over 24 hours from the departure time. She is also able to check the status of any upcoming flights.