Where Can You Find Free Driving Directions for Commercial Truck Routes?

TruckMiles.com offers free online driving directions for commercial truck routes, as of 2015. TruckerTools.com and TruckerPath.com offer apps for Android and iOS mobile devices that allow commercial truck drivers to plan their routes.

To use the driving directions tool on TruckMiles.com, enter the route’s starting and destination points, choose to see the results as a map and route or route only, and select the routing method. You can also choose to avoid toll roads and borders. Click Run Trip to view the driving directions and mileage along with a map of the route.

Overdrive’s Trucker Tools app offers a Trucker Tools Routing and Fuel Optimizer that includes turn-by-turn directions for a route, along with truck stops and the cheapest fuel locations. Trucker Path’s app offers a trip planner complete with drivers’ reviews to help drivers plan their routes.