How Can You Find Which County a Street Address Is Located In? and offer users the ability to determine which county an address is located in. identifies the county using a specific address, while finds the county by solely using a ZIP code.

To find a county using, hover over the Additional Maps link on the top navigation bar, and select “What county am I in?” Type the address in the Enter Address form. Click on the button labeled Find County of Address. The site lists the count in the result block above the search form along with additional information, including the latitude and longitude. The website is helpful for determining county information worldwide.

For county information specific to the Unites States, visit the National Association of Counties official website at This site offers a platform for finding counties according to a U.S. zip code instead of an address. To locate the platform, hover over the Counties link on the top left of the homepage, and select Find a County. At the top-right corner, click on the City/ZIP Search button, and type out the ZIP code of the address in the search bar. The page displays the county on the far right of the pop-up result box in addition to the city and state.