Brood X Cicadas Are Here — Find Out Where You Can See Their 17-Year Emergence

Photo Courtesy: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Come one, come all several trillion — a cicada show for the ages is currently taking place across the eastern United States, and it’s one you may or may not want to miss. For the past several weeks and for the next few, billions — potentially even trillions — of Brood X cicadas have been emerging from the ground across the East Coast after 17 years of hibernation. This appearance means they’ll mate and end their lives, and the next generation of Brood X cicadas will repeat the cycle again.

It’s a fascinating ecological event, to be sure, and you’re in for a treat if you’ve never seen this natural phenomenon before. Witnessing Brood X’s grand and noisy appearance involves knowing where to look, unless, of course, they've been living beneath your backyard — or they make a wild foray into hitchhiking with you. If you’ve been anticipating their arrival at any point during the last 17 years, here’s everything you’ll want to know about these winged wonders.