What Is Atlanta Known For?

Atlanta is known for hosting the 1996 Olympics, being the home of Coca-Cola and being the capital of the Georgia, the Peach State. Atlanta holds claim to many other titles and is known for its sports teams, attractions and famous residents.

In addition to hosting the Olympics in the mid 1990’s, Atlanta is home to the MLB Braves, the NBA Hawks and the NFL Falcons. This Southern city hosts the world’s largest drive-in, The Varsity, which serves as many as 30,000 people in one day. Atlanta is home to Stone Mountain, the world’s largest mass of exposed granite, and the world’s largest aquarium, the 10-million-gallon Georgia Aquarium.

Historically, Atlanta is known as the only city in North America to be burned in war when General Sherman set fire to the city during the Civil War. Atlanta is also considered to be the birthplace of the civil rights movement and is where Martin Luther King, Jr was born. Other famous people from Atlanta include Margaret Mitchell, Jeff Foxworthy, Kanye West, Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Rowland, Brenda Lee and Cee Lo Green.

Additional claims to fame for Atlanta include being Georgia’s fifth capital city and having one of the nation’s largest capitol building domes covered in gold leaf. The world’s largest Hindu temple outside of India is located within 10 miles of city’s perimeter.