How Do I Apply for CCMS in Texas?

An application for Child Care Management Services is initiated at your local Workforce Solutions office. Once submitted, the Workforce Solutions office checks eligibility based on the county’s CCMS requirements. To check an area’s specific guidelines, visit the Workforce Solutions Offices and Services website, enter your zip code and check-off the Child Care Assistance bubble under the Workforce Services section.

  1. Contact the Texas Workforce Commission office

    Contact your local Texas Workforce Commission to review your region’s eligibility requirements. The child requiring care must be 13 years or younger unless the local office determines that the child in question has disabilities and requires care through the program. Income, residency and size of family requirements may vary based on the region.

  2. Complete the CCMS application

    Request the CCMS application after affirming eligibility with your local Workforce Commission office. The application may be retrieved from the office, emailed or mailed to your residence. The application asks for your name, address, workplace and/or school, income, sources of financial assistance, Social Security numbers for family members living with you and more information regarding those living in your home. Submit the application by mail or email.

  3. Locate and choose a CCMS provider

    If eligible, choose a child care provider from the list of contracted providers offered by the local Workforce Commission office. Choices include licensed in-home centers, approved relative care and licensed day care facilities. The CCMS program subsidizes the cost of child care and pays the provider directly.