What Animals Live in Panama?

The country of Panama contains 228 mammal species, including large cats, such as the jaguar, puma and ocelot, and many different kinds of primates, including the white-faced capuchin, howler monkey and spider monkey. Panama also provides a home for 940 bird species, 226 reptile species and 164 amphibian species.

Panama is a country located in Central America. Because of Panama’s central location and diverse ecosystems, it is an ideal spot for animal species to thrive. Many of these species can also be found in both North and South America, such as deer, sloth and anteaters. However, Panama also contains 125 animal species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, including the Panamanian Golden Frog.

Panama is a stopping point for many bird species during migration, and because of its rich tropical habitat, it provides an ideal home for many different kinds of birds, including parrots, toucans, eagles, vultures, macaws and quetzals. Panama’s oceans also contain a large number of aquatic species, including humpback whales, killer whales, bottle-nose dolphins, reef sharks, and blacktip and whitetip sharks. Sea turtles are especially abundant in Panama, as five of the seven species of sea turtle can be found in Panama at different times of the year.