Who Are the Allies and Enemies of Argentina?

Hernán Piñera/CC-BY-SA 2.0

The most notable ally for Argentina is the United States, while Britain is considered their largest enemy. There are other concerns that make most countries switch from allies to enemies, and it depends on the current economic state of Argentina.

Throughout the years, the United States has used areas within Argentina for training purposes and for scientific research and development. Many of the scientific research was for military purposes such as developing and testing new weapons. Britain is one of their most notable enemies due to arguments over oil exploration. Argentina for the last 30 plus years has sought to have the Malvinas back under their control, while Britain still claims the area. Most of the arguments are over the amount of oil that is in Malvinas, which makes the area worth a considerable amount of money. During this dispute, the United States decided to stay neutral, which did not make either side happy with America. Argentina believes that the United States should help them regain control over the area, while Britain wants help securing this island. Poland is another ally, but they have not offered much help to the Argentinean government to regain control over disputed lands and oil rights.