What Are the Achievements of the African Union?

According to the African Union website, the primary goal of the African Union is to drive the “integration and development process” with union members, regional communities and African citizens. The organization exists as both an educational and information source that places “Africa above all else.” An executive council of commissioners work together to promote peace and diversity through the management of 8 portfolios.

The African Union Commission overseas the following portfolios: Peace and Security, Political Affairs, Social Affairs, Economic Affairs, Trade and Industry, Infrastructure and Energy, Rural Economy and Agriculture and Human Resources, Science and Technology. In August of 2014, the African Union also became involved in taking action alongside other world organizations to fight the Ebola outbreak that was spreading across the continent.

The African Union was founded in 2002 as a successor of the Organization for African Unity; and, it maintains headquarters Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Although the organization reports success in the first decade of its endeavors, in 2012 it held a conference in Berlin to determine the challenges that it still faces in achieving its goals. From that conference, 10 key points emerged that outlined how the African Union can be more effective in strengthening member nations and empowering its citizens through cooperative efforts.