What Is the Zip Code for Bogota, Colombia?

Andrew Bain/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The zip codes of Bogotá, Colombia range from 110111 and end at 112041, with each zip code representing a district with uneven borders. The first two numbers represent the national department, Bogotá’s specific postal code is 11, and the four remaining numbers are areas defined by the local post. While a zip code system is established in Colombia, it is not always used.

With nearly a million unique postal codes across Colombia’s 35 departments, each major municipality is assigned upwards of 100 distinct postal codes and hundreds of thousands of postal codes are assigned to rural areas based on geographic region. Much like ZIP codes in the United States, Colombian postal codes are comprised of six digits – the first two digits corresponding to one of the 35 departments, the second two digits corresponding to one of up to 89 postal zones per department, and the third two digits encoding up to 100 postal districts per zone.

While postal codes and a centralized mail system exist in Colombia, these services are not frequently utilized as a result of corruption and widespread misuse. Larger municipalities, such as Bogata, have more active postal services, though even these services can be intermittent and unreliable.

When looking for a postal code for a particular mailing address or municipality, contacting the local authorities is the quickest and most reliable source of information. The National Postal Service of Colombia and various third-party organizations provide postal code manifests in print and online.

Bogotá is a Spanish-speaking city in Colombia and was founded in the year 1538. The city is the product of the Spanish conquest of a small village called Teusaquillo, which was formed by Mesoamerican migrants. Tribes resisted the initial colonization, but the city remained. Eventually, Bogotá developed to become the capital of Colombia, with roughly eight million inhabitants.