Who Was the Youngest Baby to Walk?

One of the youngest babies ever to walk is Xavier King, who began walking at 6 months old in 2010, according to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail. One month after learning to walk, Xavier was able to walk 6 feet on his own without assistance. Most babies do not walk until they are between 10 and 18 months old.

Xavier surprised his parents by sitting up at 3 months old and then walking three months later, without going through a crawling stage. Mary King, Xavier’s mother, credits a bouncing chair for building up the baby’s leg muscles enough to allow the youngster to walk before most babies can sit up without assistance.

Babies develop quickly during the first year of life, according to WebMD. In the first three months, babies learn to smile, raise the head, track movements with eyes, grip objects and reach for objects in front of them. In four to six months, a baby normally laughs, manipulates objects with hands and rolls over. From seven to nine months, infants start to crawl, sit without support, clap, and pull themselves into a standing position. During 10 to 12 months of development, babies begin feeding on their own, move around on two feet while grasping furniture, pretend play and walk a few steps independently.