What Are Some Yogurts Without Artificial Sweeteners?

Any type of plain yogurt does not contain artificial sweeteners. There are no artificial sweeteners in any flavor of Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, YoPlait Kids Yogurt, Trader Joe’s Organic Low Fat Yogurt or Strauss Family Creamery Organic Yogurt. Both Ronnybrook European Style Yogurt and Chobani Greek Yogurt are free of sweeteners.

In lieu of sweeteners, most brands use sugar instead. Organic sugar, evaporated cane juice, fruit and fruit juice are used to naturally sweeten yogurt as well. To sweeten plain yogurt, nutrition experts recommend adding mashed fruit, like bananas or strawberries, or small amounts of maple syrup, jam or honey. Apple butter is another option. Yogurt can be blended with pureed fruits and vegetables to create a dense smoothie. Chocolate chips or melted dark chocolate may be added to flavor plain yogurt, as can peanut butter or granola. Adding stevia and vanilla turns plain yogurt into naturally sweetened vanilla yogurt. Raisins add both texture and flavor to plain yogurt.

Plain yogurt is also useful in savory meals. Some people use it as a substitution for mayonnaise or sour cream on sandwiches, dips and sauces. Yogurt is easily substituted into casserole dishes to add richness and cream without adding many additional calories.