What Do the Yanomami People Eat?

Robin Tenison/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images

The Yanomami people eat a variety of foods, such as wild honey, plantains, corn, cassava, fruits, seeds, fowl, deer, armadillos, nuts and monkey. These people eat the foods that they grow, hunt or gather. While the men do the hunting, women either gather or help with the planting of crops.

The men hunt for game in the rainforests of the Amazon. However, when men kill game, they do not eat this meat. Instead, they share it with friends and neighbors. Other hunters will share their meat with this hunter too.

Women are responsible for growing crops like corn or cassava in their gardens. However, they grow about 60 different crops, including cotton and tobacco. Nearly 80 percent of the foods these people eat are grown in garden plots.

The Yanomami people live in rainforest regions of Venezuela and Brazil of South America. Their population is approximately 32,000 as of 2014.