How Do You Get Xbox Live Without a Credit Card?

Purchase a prepaid Xbox Live membership card in a range of denominations and add the code on the card to an Xbox Live account. The membership remains active as a Gold membership for a limited amount of time, which displays in the “Account Management” area.

Xbox Live prepaid cards are available in a wide range of denominations.

Step 1: Purchase a prepaid Xbox Live card

These cards can be found anywhere that gift cards and other types of prepaid cards are sold. The back of the card has a covered area that contains the PIN for the prepaid membership. Do not purchase a card if this covered area is scratched away, since this could indicate that someone has attempted to use this code without paying for it, rendering the card void.

Step 2: Turn on the Xbox console

Take the card home and turn on the Xbox console. Log into the gaming account using the Xbox game controller.

Step 3: Go to “Account Management”

Use the controller to navigate to “Account Management” and select “Memberships.” Press the “A” button to open the next menu and select “Redeem Code.”

Step 4: Redeem the code

Enter the code from the prepaid membership card. The console will display the amount of time left on the prepaid Xbox Live Gold membership.