How Do I Write a Welcome for a Pastor’s Appreciation Program?

To write a welcome for a Pastor’s Appreciation program, the author should introduce the pastor and his or her accomplishments, then explain the meaning behind Pastor’s Appreciation and the congregation’s relationship with the pastor. A Pastor’s Appreciation program is usually used to celebrate a minister’s anniversary at the church.

The welcome is the first segment of the program and is designed to welcome the congregation to worship.

Step 1: Explain the Significance of the Call

The welcome often begins with a scripture passage, such as Ephesians 4:11, that describes the significance of a pastor’s role in the church. The call is the pastor’s calling to ministry, and the welcome speech might include a brief overview of the honored pastor’s specific circumstances surrounding the call.

Step 2: Describe the Pastor’s Relationship to the Congregation

The author might impart a brief anecdote about the pastor’s first few days of service in his or her church. Describing how the church has changed or evolved and emphasizing the personal impact the pastor has made on specific members of the congregation are also acceptable components to a welcome speech.

Step 3: Welcome the Congregation to Worship

At the end of the welcome, the author should include one or two sentences welcoming the congregation to worship. Often, a specific theme (such as “Answering the Call”) is introduced.

In large churches, multiple pastors are often honored on the same day. The welcome can be revised to mention each pastor and his or her contributions to the church.