How Do I Write a Welcome Letter to a New Church Member?

When writing a letter to a new member of the church, begin by addressing the new member by name with a welcoming salutation, such as, “Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, to our church family.” Offer appreciation for their willingness to join the church and become active in the church’s ministries, and detail what the church has to offer new members, such as worship times, Bible study groups and youth programs.

A letter to a new church member should also include ways the new family or parishioner can get involved in various ministries. For example, provide a list of opportunities to share their faith, such as joining the choir or church band, moderating youth Bible study groups, working in the church’s food pantry, volunteering on mission trips and outings to feed the homeless, serving as a Eucharistic minister or reader during services, providing childcare services during worship times and participating in men’s or women’s faith groups. The letter should also prompt the new member to offer suggestions for how the church can better meet the needs of the faith community by including a survey or comment card that can be returned to the church administrators. The overall tone of the letter should be warm, friendly and inviting.