What Do You Write in a Thank-You Note in Response to a Sympathy Card?

A thank-you note in response to a sympathy card should acknowledge receipt of the condolences and express thanks for the recipient’s support and thoughts and for any donation included in the sympathy card. The writer should personalize the notes as much as possible.

Options for thank-you notes in response to sympathy cards include handwritten notes on cards or pre-printed messages on note cards or greeting cards. Funeral homes sometimes include printed thank-you cards as part of their services. A general thank-you message pre-printed on the card saves time, particularly for grievers who have received a large number of sympathy cards. Note writers who choose pre-printed cards can add a personal note to close acquaintances or family members.

The thank-you note doesn’t have to be long. One or two sentences is enough to express appreciation for the condolences. Examples of opening sentences include, “Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers during our family’s difficult time” or “Our family appreciates the love and support.” Another option is to acknowledge the recipient’s relationship to the deceased. An example is, “We know how much your friendship meant to our father.”

When thanking someone for a donation, it’s not necessary to be too specific. For a cash donation, one can express thanks for the giver’s generosity “through your donation in honor of our mother.” Thank-you notes also should acknowledge other methods of support such as meals provided by the person.