How Do You Write a Speech That Welcomes the Bride Into the Family?

Stewart Cohen/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To write a speech that welcomes a bride into the family, speak from the heart, flavor the speech with humor and provide encouragement to the new bride. If time and circumstance allow, add in personal stories about the bride and the family.

  1. Speak from the heart

    A speech to welcome a new bride should be heartfelt, kind and full of love. If the family is overjoyed about the new addition, don’t hold back the affection. She may be nervous about joining the family, so words that speak of the feelings in the family members’ hearts will help her feel welcomed.

  2. Add humor

    Fun throwaway lines such as “you may have married John, but you’re getting all of us!” or “you may not cook like our Nana, but we’ll forgive you!” can help break the ice and encourage the bride to laugh away any jitters about joining the family. Personal stories fit in well as humor in this type of speech.

  3. Provide encouragement

    Let the bride know the family supports the marriage and that she too is loved unconditionally. Celebrate the union between two people with words of encouragement, understanding and connection. Her world is forever linked to the family’s because of the marriage, and a speech filled with love and support makes that link strong and joyful.