How Do You Write a Retreat Letter?

Bernard Pollack/CC-BY 2.0

A retreat letter should be written in a personal tone to an individual who has influenced, inspired or challenged a person’s beliefs. Retreat letters are designed to help participants express feelings, spiritual goals and hopes and dreams for the future while resting in a serene, relaxing and safe environment free from judgment.

A retreat letter may also be a personal reflection of what the person learned about himself during the retreat event. For example, it may begin with an honest account of how spirituality has played a role in his life and end with the changes he plans to make personally. Retreat letters can also be composed to individuals who participants wish to pray for, offering words of support and encouragement. For instance, if a neighbor or fellow church member is struggling with financial hardships, spiritual doubts or a grave illness, a participant can write a retreat letter to let this individual know he is in the person’s thoughts and prayers. The retreat environment often encourages soul searching through quiet meditation, journaling and letter writing. Retreat letters, whether they are forwarded to the recipient or not, serve as mementos of the retreat and the spiritual journey a person explores while away from home.