How Do You Write Retirement Thank You Notes?

JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

A good retirement thank you note should be brief, sincere and contain appreciation for something good such as the gift given on retirement or the support of your ex-colleagues. If properly written, such a note prompts the receivers to feel valued and appreciated.

Retirement thank-you notes are documents written by a retiring worker to colleagues or the employer to acknowledge them for something good they did that positively affected the retirees life. These notes should be prepared and sent to the recipients by two weeks after the retirement party or receipt of the gift.

To begin a thank-you note, write down the most important points first, such as thanking the people from whom you received gifts and those who contributed to the success of any retirement occasions. Indicate your appreciation for each gift in a brief sentence.

Next, write kind words to the sender of the gift. For instance, you could write, “Dear Kennedy, please accept my sincere appreciation for the car accessories. I will think of you as I enjoy my long rides during my retirement.” Then finalize the message by signing the note appropriately.

For a retirement thank-you note to be sincere, it should be written by hand, with a high-quality pen, on a heavyweight note card. This indicates the value the sender places on the gift received and hence the person who sent the gift.