How Do I Write a Price-Increase Notice?

Key components of a price-increase notice include thanking the customer, providing an honest explanation for the price increase and a new price list. Additional notice components might include new product features, a lower cost option and customer service.

A price-increase notice is worded in clear language that gets directly to the point without being apologetic in tone. The opening salutation is usually personalized with the customer’s name. The price increase is mentioned in the first paragraph and subsequent paragraphs are dedicated to supporting the decision to raise prices. It is important to thank the customer for his loyalty and reinforce his value to the company somewhere in the notice. Including the thank you in the last paragraph is a good way to end the notice.

When writing about reasons for the price increase, always be honest about reasons for the change. The rising costs of materials is sometimes used to give customers a reasonable explanation. Avoid language that hints at financial trouble. The notice can include value components such as telling customers about new features that make products better. Another way to indicate value is to give customers a lower cost option with fewer features. Mentioning exceptional customer service provides an additional method to emphasize value.