How Do You Write a Personal Biography for a Registered Nurse?

If you are a registered nurse writing a personal biography, then consider who your audience is and include information about credentials and your current situation, including the roles you play and accomplishments. Highlight other relevant experience, leadership roles and industry contributions, such as publications and conference presentations, as well.

First, consider your readers. For colleagues in your field, use industry jargon and a professional tone. If your audience is less technical, use conversational language and a friendly tone. Next, consider, the context, because whether you are applying to graduate school, presenting at a conference or writing an article, this shapes your information.

Describe your relevant education and training, including degrees, licenses and special certifications. Combine this with your current role. For example, “Susan Brown, R.N., BSN, MSN, has been the manager of psychiatric patient care at ABC Hospital in Denver, Colorado for eight years.” Include any relevant accomplishments and career highlights. For example, “In her 18-year career, Susan Brown has spent six years working with psychiatric patients, four years developing programs for those who have substance abuse problems and belongs to the Colorado Psychiatric Nurses Association.”

Outline any leadership roles, publications or conference presentations. This serves to elevate your personal brand and add credibility.