How Do You Write a Palanca Letter for Your Daughter?

A palanca letter should offer heartfelt encouragement and spiritual guidance for your daughter. Write about your relationship, and provide uplifting advice for the future. Most of all, a palanca letter should highlight your daughter’s positive qualities and her importance in your life.

  1. Plan and outline

    Make a list of what you would like to include in your daughter’s palanca letter. Think about what qualities you value most in your relationship. Recollect significant stories or memories from her childhood. Consider what spiritual guidance or advice you may wish to share. A palanca letter should reassure your daughter that God and your prayers are with her.

  2. Write the letter

    Using your outline as a guide, write the palanca letter. Write the letter by hand instead of typing it to add a personal touch. Maintain an informal and honest tone throughout the letter. Be sure to include all of the ideas you planned on the outline.

  3. Deliver the letter

    Deliver the palanca letter to your daughter. If she is receiving it while on a retreat, seal the letter in an envelope and deliver it to the directors of the retreat. Be sure to plan a follow-up conversation some time in the days or weeks ahead.