How Do You Write a Notification Letter?

Writing a notification letter starts with writing the date and the recipient’s name beginning with their professional title. Explain the motivation behind the notification letter; this explanation should be kept brief, concise and clear. Add action information, such as a request for a reply, and close the letter by thanking the recipient. Notification letters should end with contact information and a printed, then signed name.

If the letter is meant for many people, do not begin the letter with names or titles. Begin by writing a generic title such as, “To whom it may concern” or, for a business, use the business name. For general notifications, indicate the name of the group after the salutation.

If the notification letter carries unpleasant news, the recommended action is to give a detailed and honest explanation of the reason behind the turn of events. If the letter includes notifications directed to customers about changes in business policy, briefly state and explain the reasons behind the change, and indicate deadlines or procedures that the recipient of the letter is to follow. In closing, contact information should be given to allow an open communication line for the recipient. Typically, a notification letter ends by thanking the recipient.