How Do You Write a Memorial Tribute?

Although there is no specific format for writing a memorial tribute, its tone should be conversational, reflecting the feelings of the writer. Tributes usually highlight events that the writer finds significant in the life of the deceased. Other examples drawn from the writer’s personal relationship with the deceased, such as favorite quotes, jokes or personal traits, add color to the life being celebrated.

Because writers are unique, tributes should be individual as well. Anyone writing a memorial tribute stands for the person being memorialized and for the family by adding memories to the record of the deceased’s life. Good memorial tributes are honest, gentle and heartfelt, even when the memorial is a roast or other humorous tribute.

Depending on the larger context of the tribute, it may be appropriate to include information about the deceased’s favorite television program or movie, sports team, favorite color, favorite music, shoe size and so on. Although such details can seem trivial in the face of death, they provide testaments to life and may comfort family and friends. Memorial tributes can be organized into sections chronologically or according to personal attributes of the deceased. They can also demonstrate the deceased’s commitments to pet causes and charitable organizations.