How Do You Write a Letter to the Mayor?

Writing a letter to the Mayor has a few important distinctions from a normal letter mainly as a result of the position of office, which means the Mayor should always be referred to by title first, then surname, such as Mayor Smith. The content should be written just as any other letter, although remaining respectful and polite is essential.

Approaching the letter step by step

  1. Plan the letter and write a draft
  2. Planning what is to be conveyed in the letter means the final version will read much better. Take the time to ensure that all the points of discussion are clear, while the tone remains respectful.

  3. Always use the Mayor’s title
  4. Always address the Mayor as “Mayor (surname)” when directing questions or statements to them in the letter.

  5. State concerns and expected action
  6. Depending on the purpose behind the letter — it may simply be to congratulate the Mayor on a great job, for example — make sure complaints or concerns are clearly formatted, using numerical or bullet points if necessary, along with what the writer hopes to see changed or addressed.

  7. Ending the letter and adding the address
  8. When addressing officials or people in authority, it is generally accepted that a letter should end with “yours faithfully,” but any polite closure is encouraged overall. When addressing the envelope, be sure to include the Mayor’s full name after the title.