How Do I Write a Letter of Good Standing?

A letter of good standing has the simple purpose of confirming the good standing of the subject, and as such it should be kept brief and focused on that matter. State who you are and why your confirmation of good standing is important and relevant. Because of its briefness, a letter of good standing can be written in less than half an hour.

  1. Keep the letter short

    Keep the letter short in order to focus directly on the subject, rather than introducing extraneous information. The identity and background of the letter writer is especially important, and it therefore needs to be included in the introduction of the letter.

  2. Verify good standing

    The value of a letter of good standing comes largely from the fact that it warrants writing and that the person writing it is qualified to verify the standing of the subject. Clearly state the status of good standing and any other pertinent details that qualify the favorable status. If additional information is needed to support the assertion of good standing, such as details about a person’s character, keep such information brief and clear.

  3. Sign the letter

    Your signature on the letter certifies its legitimacy and makes you the responsible party for the information provided.