How Do You Write a Letter on the Computer?

JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

To write letters on computers, individuals must use word processing applications, such as Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer. Although Microsoft Word is the most widely-used word processor, Word documents are cross-compatible with many other programs.

To start a letter from within a word processor, create a blank document by selecting the appropriate item from the file menu. This item is typically labeled New Document, New Text Document or something similar. When writing the letter, use styles and forms of address suitable for the situation. For example, informality is expected in personal letters, while a more formal style is expected for a resume cover letter.

After typing letters, individuals can refine final drafts with onboard tools, such as spell checkers and word counters. Templates ensure that written letters meet required standards. For example, a template might automatically preface each letter with the writer’s name and address. Besides preloaded templates, many templates are available for download online. Writers can also create and save their own customized templates.

For letter writers using Windows, WordPad is a basic but effective word processor included with every copy of Windows. Textedit is a comparable alternative for Apple computer users. Though lacking some popular features, WordPad and Textedit are fully sufficient for those wishing to start letter-writing immediately.