How Do You Write a Justification?

Writing a justification requires a researcher or research team to explain the reason for implementing a particular solution, all costs to be incurred in the implementation and the list of the expenses allowed by the sponsor. The justification must justify the resources required to complete the project considering the nature and complexity of the project proposal. One must follow the same order as that in the sponsor’s budget form to enable reviewers to compare the two documents easily.

Project justification helps reviewers to assess the proposal and make informed judgments on whether the requested resources are adequate for the proposed research. The justification must be added to the proposal as an attachment and should not be more than two sides of A4. All project descriptions are written after preparing a project description.

One must use the same order as that of the sponsor’s budget form when constructing a budget justification. One must ensure everything in the budget and budget justification is referenced properly in the proposal description. All project description items that incur costs must require an explanation in the budget justification. It is imperative to double-check if the expenses indicated are reasonable, allocable and allowable. A good justification must show the beneficiaries of the project and support from the government.