How Do You Write a Job Position Justification?

To write a job position justification, first decide the title of the new job position and then create a job description and a cost analysis. A job position justification, also known as a job proposal, is generally written by an employee. It is meant as a proposal for a new job position within the company.

  1. Create a title for the new position

    When determining a title, it is important to take the function of the job into account. It may also help who a new employee will report too and which department will absorb the new position.

  2. Write a job description

    The job description should include all elements of the job, such as the required tasks and necessary skills. The tasks must be outlined for management to review and should include any administrative duties. Examples for necessary skills may be computer knowledge, being bilingual or communication skills.

  3. Provide a cost analysis for the new position

    It is important to review the local and national salary averages for the specified position. Also include training costs and insurance benefits. Finally, provide examples of how the company would benefit, such as improved employee performance or decreased work flow, and if applicable, proof of these benefits.

  4. Write clear reasoning for the position

    Before turning in the job position justification, it is important to write a concise reasoning for the request. It can be written as a cover letter.