How Do You Write an Introduction for a Story?

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Ways to write an introduction for a story include keeping the intro short, using it to captivate the reader, promising positive things for those who stick with the story, and encapsulating all of it in language that is witty without being overly complex, suggests These are necessary steps for providing a satisfactory answer to the reader’s question of what is in it for him if he decides to read the entire book.

A good introduction to a story should be free of clichés, such as “once upon a time.” These overused phrases typically fail to capture the reader’s attention and can drive him away if he becomes bored. Instead, use original phrases intended to make the reader curious about the story’s characters, plot and setting. An example is a first sentence describing someone that is a very happy child. This makes the reader desire an explanation for why the child is so happy, engaging him with the story.

If such a story provides reasons for why the child is so happy, the reader might find the likelihood of a person being that happy unrealistic. This level of unrealistic explanation helps make the introduction more compelling because the reader is hungry for information about why this world seems so different from his own.

Regardless of the rest of the content, a good introduction should begin with a brief introductory sentence designed to immediately engage the reader by making them want more information.