How Do You Write an Introduction for a Guest Speaker?

North Charleston/CC-BY-SA 2.0

When writing an introduction for a guest speaker, begin by welcoming the audience to the event or speech, note that it is an honor to be able to introduce the speaker, provide an overview of the speaker’s significance to the community or business world and detail the speaker’s credentials. A brief biography of the guest speaker’s work or life experience should be included, as well as a personal anecdote.

Research the guest speaker’s accomplishments, significance to the audience, and personal interests and hobbies to provide information for the introductory speech. For example, include information about a book the guest speaker has written, awards he has won, personal accomplishments such as running a marathon or raising a family, work experience related to the topic of the speech, and an expression or reflection of why he is prominent, caring, genuine or successful. If the guest speaker is a friend or family member, share personal memories about time spent together, or if the guest speaker is influential, note how he has inspired others. Interesting facts about the guest speaker’s childhood, teenage years or college years can be included to show the human side of the guest speaker, making him more relatable to the audience.