How Do You Write a Dedication Speech?

U.S. Army Europe Images/CC-BY 2.0

Writing a dedication speech requires the writer to be both inspiring and celebratory, helping to unite the audience in admiration for the subject the speech addresses. To write a dedication speech, you must honor the individual that is the subject, highlighting their accomplishments and positive qualities.

Before beginning the process of writing the speech, first learn as much about the event or occasion itself as possible. Determine the audience, whether the occasion is formal or informal, and how long the speech should be. Once you have established the foundations for the event, begin writing about your subject. Start with an introduction that grabs the audience’s attention and introduces who you will be talking about. Next provide some background. This will give the audience a setting for the subject’s accomplishments and obstacles.

After providing some background, describe your relationship with this person. Discuss why they are important to you and the impact they have had on you and perhaps others in the audience. Incorporate stories that also show positive qualities about the subject. These stories may also outline the impact this subject has had on the group or the lives of others. Acknowledge what you and the audience can learn from this person’s example. Finally, end your speech with a conclusion that summarizes the key points you have presented and ends on a high note.