How Do You Write Dedication Invitations?

To write dedication invitations, include the name of the baby who is being dedicated, along with the date of the ceremony. The time of the dedication and the full address of the location where the dedication takes place should also be written on the invitation.

An RSVP can also be included on the baby dedication invitation so the parents of the child know how many people plan to attend. A short phrase at the top of the invitation indicating that the child’s parents want to commit the child to the ways of God is also ideal.

A baby dedication is a ceremony in which the parents of the child make a public promise to raise the baby according to God’s word. In some cases, the entire family of the baby participates in the dedication and pledges to assist the parents in guiding the child in the ways of God until the baby becomes an adult and can make a decision to follow godly precepts on his own. Some families organize a baby baptism, which is held for the same purpose as a dedication. It is also common for the baby’s godparents to be formally declared during a baby baptism or dedication.