How Do I Write a Dedication Ceremony Program?

Writing a dedication ceremony program is easy if you’ve planned your event well. The form of your program book follows the outline of events you build as you develop the event. To write a basic program, you need a title and date, a list of activities and times, a list of sponsors if you have any and perhaps a list of honorees.

Ceremony Protocols offered through the President’s Office at the University of Florida lists the basic procedures for developing a dedication ceremony. It’s also easy to find PDFs of program books that have been posted for specific events. Use the name of the kind of dedication ceremony you’re planning as a keyword, and your search engine will return many examples of real program books for real ceremonies.

Likewise, sample templates for formatting a program book are easy to find on the Web, and most program book templates are free. Free ones are often included with word processing software like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect and on some professional printing websites. For more advice on developing and publicizing dedication ceremony programs, refer to the U.S. government publication “Handbook for Dedications and Other Special Events.”