How Do You Write a Cease and Desist Letter for Defamation?

Draft a successful, enforceable cease and desist letter for defamation by demonstrating clear evidence that libel or slander has occurred. The Law Dictionary stresses that the letter must impress upon the recipient that legal action is warranted and will be sought.

The cease and desist order is the first official step in seeking legal remedy. In order for the letter to be successful, three conditions must be established within the text, according to The Law Dictionary. The first condition is a list of all of the statements made by the recipient and a request for them to immediately stop.

The second condition is to provide sufficient, factual reasons demonstrating that the statements are false.This section should also include examples of how the statements have affected the injured party. Statements made by the recipient may have had an impact on the affected individual’s job or personal life. Be sure to describe in detail how the individual has been affected, as this will serve the claim for damages should litigation be pursued.

Finally, set a time period by which the defamatory statements must stop. Include a statement that notes a lawsuit will be filed if the deadline to cease and desist is ignored.