How Do You Write an Appeal Letter to a Judge?

ericsphotography/E+/Getty Images explains that an appeal letter to a judge contains three main sections. The first section identifies the person represented in the letter and should provide contact information, case numbers, and the lawyers and courts involved. The second includes the decision of the prior court, pertinent information regarding the case and the reason for the prior decision. The third part details the reason for asking for an appeal.

While anyone can write an appeal letter to a judge, advises using professional counsel to ensure that all of the correct information is included. The reason for considering professional counsel when writing an appeal letter is that it’s the first step for seeking supplemental judicial review of a prior legal ruling. Accordingly, it’s important to make sure that any appeal letter includes the above information in addition to any details required by local, state and other governing bodies. It’s also important that the letter is properly submitted. explains that professional representation can translate any emotional aspects of wanting to write an appeal letter into valid reasons for asking a court for a retrial. It’s important to make sure that the appeal letter includes all of the required information and that it is correct and accurate.