How Do You Write 1.5 As a Fraction?

The number 1.5 written as a fraction is 1 1/2. It can also be represented by writing the fraction 3/2.

To write 1.5 as a fraction, the decimal .5 must be expressed over 1, then multiplied so that it can be expressed as a fraction. After the .5 portion of the numeral has been converted, the final answer can either be expressed as mixed-number fraction or improper fraction. To multiply .5 by 1, it should be expressed as such:

  • .5/1
  • Next, the top and bottom must be multiplied by 10, because there is one digit after the decimal. If there were two, as in .35, the fraction would be multiplied by 100.
  • Now, the answer appears as 5/10.
  • When this number is further reduced, it is now represented as the fraction 1/2.
  • The number now reads as 1 1/2. This is a mixed number fraction, but can also be represented as an improper fraction, which may be important if there are more operations to complete.
  • Multiply the denominator by 1, and add the numerator. This is represented by 2 x 1 + 1. The answer to this is 3.
  • Now, the number 1.5 is changed to 1 1/2 and can also be represented by writing the fraction 3/2.

Depending on the nature of the problem, the student can leave the answer as either an improper fraction or mixed number. It is advisable to reduce the fraction as much as possible for a correct answer.