How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Suede?

Gently iron the suede with a steam iron set on warm, with a cotton cloth between the iron and the fabric. Another quick option is to hang the suede fabric in the bathroom while taking a shower.

Suede fabric is soft to the touch and warm to wear. However, it can be a bit tricky to keep suede clean and wrinkle-free. Instead of paying to have it dry cleaned, it is possible to unwrinkle suede at home.

  1. Use the shower
  2. To release light wrinkles from suede, put the fabric on a hanger in the bathroom. Take or run the shower until it gets nice and steamy. The hot steam helps to relax the wrinkles, but remember to avoid getting the material wet. Steam is what works here.

  3. Steam iron the fabric
  4. Deeper wrinkles can be ironed out by hand with a steam iron set to warm. Spread the suede fabric out on a flat surface. Cover it with a large cotton fine-weave cloth to protect the fabric from the hot iron surface. Iron the cloth and the wrinkle underneath flat for a few seconds to press it flat.

  5. Store suede properly
  6. Keep wrinkles from developing in the future by storing suede on a hanger in a closet with good air ventilation.