How Do You Wrap a Styrofoam Ball With Fabric?

To wrap a Styrofoam ball with fabric, secure football-shaped pieces of fabric to it using straight pins or glue. This method completely covers the foam without any bulky folds in the fabric. Use this technique to make ornate ball decorations for Christmas or other special events.

  1. Cut the fabric shapes
  2. Cut out six football shaped pieces off fabric, each with a center width equal to one-sixth of the Styrofoam ball circumference. To understand the shape, think about the colored sections separated on a beach ball, or the shape of an orange peel from an orange cut into six slices.
  3. Position the fabric
  4. Line up one tip of a piece of fabric at the center, top of the ball. Wrap the fabric around the ball to line up the other fabric tip at the center of the opposite pole.
  5. Secure the fabric
  6. Insert a stick pin through each fabric tip and into the Styrofoam ball. Alternatively, apply glue to the edges of the fabric piece and use the pins to hold it in place until the glue dries.
  7. Attach remaining fabric pieces
  8. Position a second fabric piece directly opposite the first piece with the tips pointing toward each other. Secure in place with pins or glue. Repeat with the remaining four pieces to completely cover the ball.
  9. Cover the seams
  10. Glue or pin strips of ribbon or rickrack along each seam where two pieces meet. This step is optional, but helps to cover unattractive seams or further embellish the ball.